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Sorry bro, Broncs are going to buttsecks their schedule causing irreparable harm to some fools. Then everyone will talk about our easy schedule and weak division when we wait for our divisional round opponent to be chosen for us.
Yeah, this is similar to when they trot out the "But they only played 3 playoff teams all year." stuff.

If you think about it, if you win your division, there's a good chance you won't play another playoff team through your whole division schedule. Then you're locked into playing an entire division in the opposite conference. And since there's only one division champ, there's another good chance you'll only play one 'playoff team' in those 4 games.

So there's a good chance you have 10 games right there where you only play one playoff team. That leaves 6 other games, where if you get 2 playoff teams out of 6, you could still easily end up with only 3 games against playoff bound teams. By the numbers, 4 playoff teams might be more likely than 3. But I'd guess 5 is probably more unlikely than either.

So when people whine about someone 'only playing 3 playoff teams all year' just ask yourself "Would playing 4 really be much different?"
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