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Peyton Manning

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Just curious why you aren't "worried" about Clady. You think his relatively poor play this past season is related mostly to his injury and/or the lack of talent next to him? I'm not knocking your opinion, just hoping you can make me more optimistic! I'd love to see Clady become what we thought he'd be after his rookie year.

Because he was doing the job of two men out there. Beadles was terrible this year. Under the circumstances, Clady actually did very well. If we get Clady even somewhat decent help on the inside, he'll be able to focus on his job, instead of focusing on his job AND the job of the guy on the inside.

There's a reason why Clady's peers have selected him to go to the probowl again this year (even as an alternate), despite the early struggles he had this season (mostly penalties do. Anyone who was paying attention will tell you that as Beadles progressed in the season, so did Clady's play. If we get someone on the inside that Clady can trust, and he'll be back to form.

Whatever people want to say about Clady, he is only the fifth offensive lineman in NFL history to start every game and make at least two Pro Bowls during his first four seasons.
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