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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
and ya a QB holding onto the ball 4 to 5 seconds longer than the average NFL QB means 4 to 5 more seconds that a mistake or penalty can happen..
so Tebow does extend plays and that is bad?

Have to wonder why the other OL guys are not flagged regularly like clady is?

Probably why clady gets the big bucks..

Tebow will get better, but loads of those holds that I saw, were not because he was taking longer, they were because his guy beat him off the snap..


"There is an ass for ever saddle", is clady worth spending tons of money on to keep if he does not work well in this scheme?

Or is it time to move on or trade him? But IIRC he is an UFA in march..

If so Franchise him and then trade him? Get something of value for him or just let him walk or try to sign him to an incentive based contract..

Now I realize he was a pro bowler but Pro bolwer should not get beat like rented mules..
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