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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Just curious why you aren't "worried" about Clady. You think his relatively poor play this past season is related mostly to his injury and/or the lack of talent next to him? I'm not knocking your opinion, just hoping you can make me more optimistic! I'd love to see Clady become what we thought he'd be after his rookie year.

Come on Tony... isn't it obvious why Taco isn't worried about Ryan Clady

This guy was one of the best College Left tackles to ever play the game!

There were left tackles in the pro’s that watched him play and completely change their game to be just like him!

You can’t really watch the way he plays… he breaks the Left Tackle mold… results is all that matters.

And yes.. this post was brought to you full of sarcasm and of course it had to be delivered by a BSU fan to really emphasize the sarcasm.
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