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At least Broncos win games when the make playoffs, superbowls etc, Chiefs just pathetic chokers regardless of who is at LT. Hell they had Willie ****in Roaf and couldn't win. I doubt Albert gonna change the fact the Kansas city Fairies are bottom dwellers even when they win the division. Even a turd floats to the top every once in awhile.

Kansas city basically rented Montana for a couple yrs a decade or so ago and made a small run....thats it since Len ****ing Dawson! Is he even still alive? On inside the NFL he picked the Chiefs to win the Superbowl 12 ****ing times! someone should have killed him just for that. He's as big a joke now as the whole flippin team. Chiefs will finish last in the division next yr. Charles will never be the same just as most ACL rbs find out. We used to argue who is slightly less crappy, Orton or Cassel, now you have them both at the same time. Remember KC only one turd can float to the top per yr. Pick ur turd and take a bite's Kansas City Football and were looking to go 6-10 and beat the Broncos 1 time!
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