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Originally Posted by Lycan View Post
I am currently reading the Sword of Truth books by Terry Goodkind.

Just started but pretty good so far.
My condolences.

Seriously though, those books get real repetitive. I barely managed to slog through them taking many long breaks between books and still only managed to make it through "Confessor" (the last book at the time). When I heard there were more on the way I cried a little. Never did get back into them.

Hopefully you'll enjoy them more than I did.

On another note, seeing as I am nearly done with the "Chanur" books, I headed to the library. No list, no expectations and found several new (or at least new to me) books. "Ghost" and "Firefly" by Piers Anthony who may not be the worlds bet writer, but he is entertaining. "Blindsight" (the one I'm starting next, sounds wayyyyyy too good), "Starfish" and "Maelstrom" by Peter Watts. I've never read anything by him before so I may be taking two of them back if the first one sucks, but they all sound good. I'll let you all know if his stuff's worth reading.
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