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(13-3) Saints - Tough game. If we address our needs at DT, MLB, and #2 CB with league average talent though it gets a lot easier. We've got a good young #3 CB who will be better next year and we can get after the passer with Doom, Miller, and Ayers in year 2 of being a DE. Their defense will not do well against our running attack. We could really turn the tables here if we steal Carl Nicks away, significantly weakening their OL while getting a big upgrade for ours.

(12-4) Steelers - Beat 'em in the playoffs in a game that was about three touchdowns closer than it should have been. In the words of Lee Flowers, Pittsburgh is a bunch of paper champions.

(10-6) Texans - If we address DT and MLB like we should be able to this off-season we have the makings of a good run defense even out of the nickel. You stop the run game you stop the Texans.

(8-8) Chargers - Scrubby team that we should have beaten twice this year if Orton wasn't such a joke. Gates is toast, Jackson is a free agent, Rivers has been exposed without his security blankets of a great running game, OL, and stud TE.

(8-8) Chokeland - Should have been a divisional rival sweep here as well if Orton didn't have the hands of a small child covered in crisco. They hired our DC who has only one year of experience as a DC. This is a less qualified hire than McDaniels. Oh, and he's the same dude who didn't show up even remotely ready for the divisional round against the Pats and got us smoke showed. Yeah. Commitment to Excrement = 2 wins.

(7-9) Chefs - They're seriously talking about KO as their starting QB. Crennel has had solid defenses and has no ability to put together a good offense. Pioli has been exposed as the Belichick lackey that he is. Not real concerned about this team turning the corner any time soon.

(4-12) Browns - Smoke show in the making here. Just not a good team at all, possibly going to change to another young QB. Not a lot of good things to even mention about this team.
(4-12) Bucs - Another layup. Tampa can't finish games. Its all the Broncos do. Like stealing candy.

(13-3) Patriots - You can't fix a defense this bad overnight. They need to replace about half of their defensive starters and have already gone through their internal options with nothing to show for it. We just need a couple pieces on D to start slowing their offense down and that D can't handle a coached up, in sync, one more year more matured Broncos offense.

(12-4) Ravens - Much like the Steelers their bark is worse than their bite. Their defense is aging rapidly. No one fears Flacco. Their best receiving weapons are Boldin, who Champ can handle with minimal effort, and Torrey Smith, who Harris can run with and out muscle off the line. Its all about containing Ray Rice, if he's even still there, which of course comes down to us aggressively fixing our DT and MLB needs.

(10-6) Falcons - Overrated team that picks up wins thanks to two cupcakes in the division. Defense doesn't have what it takes to handle a physical offense. Likely losing one or two of their good defensive players in Grimes and/or Lofton. Turner is another year older, another year slower, and another year closer to physical break down.

(9-7) Bengals - Smoke and mirrors 9-7 club that we beat when KO was scrubbin' in up last year, in their house, without a healthy Doom, Champ, or Dawk and before the light came on for Miller.

(8-8) Chargers - See above on the soon to be L.A. Glitter Girls.

(8-8) Chokeland - Do they even have any chance of getting better? They're so far in the hole on draft picks now. This will be the second year in a row without a 1st rounder, despite no playoff appearances to show for it.

(7-9) Chefs - Again, see above. We handled them in their house last year. Only reason we didn't sweep is because we've had no rhythm or chemistry on offense. That will change this off-season.

(6-10) Panthers - Cam Newton has always been Tim Tebow's understudy. Now he's going to get to watch Tebow come into his house and show him how you actually win games.

I'm thinking 10-6 if the FO is even halfway competent in FA this year. If they're aggressive and make some smart moves in FA and the draft we might be talking first round byes.
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