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Originally Posted by Spider View Post
defensing the are being a complete idiot , you should have done like the rev and tuck tail and ran , First you bafoons ask where is the justification in doubting tebow , you get nailed , then YOU try to say it isnt about Mechanics .......
News flash everything is about mechanics when it comes to the QB .....
Then go tell Phillis to GTFO of the NFL because he throws like a girl, and tell J. Russel to come claim his yellow HoF jacket because looks awesome throwing the pigskin.

Tebow compact the throwing motion (which I doubt he will), but he can improve on the footwork for better accuracy, and the reading (comes with experience) to speed up his decision making.

People saying Tebow can't and wont get better are just fooling themselves. Philip Rivers turned out all right for not having the "proper" mechanics. Steve Young had a HoF career and didn't have "proper" mechanics.

Tebow, and the rest of his rookie class haven't had a full offseason to develop. Think about that. TD, Decker, Beadles, Walton (Though I think we could use an upgrade here), and Syd will have their first OTAs. I am exited for that class because they all have shown glimpses of being players without going through the proper development.

Same reason to think Tebow will improve next season. If he doesn't or regreses then I think we can all agree and start finding our next franchise QB.

This offseason we need to sign a vet QB that can push him for his money and who could also fill that sort of teacher role that Kyle never was. Brunell would be great but he can no longer play.

Just give the kid a shot and don't shred him to pieces before the offseason begins. Things will sort themselves out. If he improves, the FO wil notice it and back team for the season.

But all this talk about trading him, or signing Payton is horse crap. We have bigger holes to fill. Get depth, some key additions, and let the young ones develop.
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