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Originally Posted by Missouribronc View Post
Then I wouldn't get too excited about Denver being a Super Bowl contender with Tebow under center.

I'm truly amazed at the tolerance of ****ty quarterback play just because the name on the back of the jersey is Tebow.
I think its amazing how a raw project.turns a losing team into a winner, wins a playoff.gamr in his 16th start and its called "****ty".

this is the perfect example of hatred and why you are a fag. this isnt you saying he needs to improve as I have said, this is you being a fag.

perhaps the most.absurd part of this is people like spider and errand who cant see this very very clear distinction.despite it being copied and pasted and slammed i your ****** mouths.

if you.are gonna be a hater, at least have the balls to stand by it.

you are all not just haters, but cowards who cant even stand up to the least bit of ridicule.

you see....I win. you lose. you can dance and knob.eachother all you want....but facts are facts.

now go away as you have been butterscotched.
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