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Originally Posted by Broncoman13 View Post
Considering that this year we overproduced and were not quite as good as our record indicated... hit some teams at the right times, etc.... Yeah, 8-8 would be a success next year. 8-8 will probably win the division again.
Agreed. Even with significant improvement from Tebow and the offense as a whole as well as the D....It might not necessarily be reflected in the W/L column.

I don't care who's on the schedule either because it's impossible to measure SOS until AFTER the season.

Said it in another thread that Denver has been a 6 win team for half a decade. Shanny coached 'em up a game or 2, McD's inexperience brought them right back down 6-10 and they were right there again this year.....Props to Denver for making the most of opponents mistakes though.

I expect a step backwards record-wise so I'd definitely be happy with 8-8 again.
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