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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Try this out dumbass........

It is a fact that Tebow has bad footwork, and an elongated throwing motion....

It's a fact that Tebow struggles with his accuracy most of the time, documented by his less than 47% completion.....

It is a fact he's worked on it for damn near two years...

It's a fact that he still has the same problems despite working on them for damn near two years....

Now, some people believe he can overcome his problems by working hard and with better coaching....others believe he may not. Why does that equal "hatred" in your miniscule grey matter?

two years is not true if you are honest about the lockout.which you have ignored many times. (of course you are objective)

so that cuts your two offseasons to one. the other being his rookie year where he got no time with the ones.

so...he had NOT had a single offseason as the starter. he has a lot of flaws and is not the oasser that other qbs are. he needs nore time than a Newton or Dalton. however. he is not just a passer. he is more dynamic and at this moment is good enough to win in this league(which you have also ignored many times...objective, right?) a non hater I can see a raw guy who already took us further than two of our last more polished qbs and that excited me to think how good he will be with more work.

that is the logicak stance to a young qb who set records and turned around a team in his first year.

to act as if he cant play while ignoring reality is hating. you supported Orton and you were wrong. that already tore up your sphincter.

now just get over it and stfu.

try to be actually objective now.
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