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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
...yes he has.

Why aren't you highlighting the GAPING holes in Bradford's game and saying he'll never make it?

Or Scam Newton?

Or Blaine Gabbert?

Or Christian Ponder?


Na, THOSE guys can develop their issues, huh? It's the harder worker that "can't".

why would I want young quarterbacks on other teams to improve? unless they wear the broncos uniforms I don't give a crap about them.

you post that stuff like it means ****'s not a fact, it's an opinion..

Sure Tim has a great work ethic...all that means is he'll work hard at improving, it does not mean he will improve enough. Sure Elway can teach him what he knows....doesn't mean he'll retain whatever knowledge he's given.

Why you think throwing to 1st team WR's in camp will help him improve is beyond me since they're generally the first guys you drive the bus's at the top of your laminated excuse chart.

All kidding aside it is just your OPINION that those scenarios will improve his passing skills.....doesn't make it a FACT.
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