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After 20 minutes of an in-depth and fascinating discussion about the Xs and Os of the Denver Broncos’ offense and Tim Tebow, ESPN analyst and former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer comes to the conclusion that so many people in the media are having a hard time embracing.

“As analysts, we should all be ripped for how we talk about this guy,” said Dilfer, who spent this week working on an intriguing segment on Tebow with fellow analyst/quarterback Steve Young for the network’s “NFL Countdown” show. “One week he’s great, the next week he’s terrible. The next week he’s great again, then he’s awful. There’s no consistency with how we look at him because it’s so hard to explain, and it goes against everything we’re trained to understand about football.”

Of course, much of that is reflective of how Tebow has actually played. From his first game starting this season at Miami, there are times when Tebow looks awful. Then, he wipes the slate clean with five minutes of brilliance. Last Sunday, Tebow played a brilliant game against Pittsburgh on the heels of atrocious outings against Buffalo and Kansas City.

The result is that if you listen to enough analysts (and writers such as yours truly), it’s sometimes hard to get a feel for where the discussion is going. Can Tebow play long-term? Is he good enough to win now? As Denver gets ready to play Saturday night at New England in the second round of the AFC playoffs, the answers to questions like that are all over the place...

Read this and maybe you'll start to gain a little more perspective on why there are differing opinions on Tebow. Not everybody is going to agree with you. Get over it.

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