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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
1. He's NEVER had a full off-season

2. Now he'll not only have that full off-season, but he'll be getting the first team reps

3. His closest physical parallel and former HoF'er: Elway himself has pledged to be working with him (for details there are several articles. More importantly ones where Elway debunks your throwing motion criticism and says they'll be working on footwork to develop the consistency he needs)

4. He'll finally have a real system. Not to criticize what they developed for him on the fly... but it was on the fly. Now they'll have a foundation to build off of and the mental game can be formed instead of a primary focus on athletic reaction.

5. One of, if not THE, best work ethics in the business.

6. It's already shown MASSIVE improvement. Reference an ESPN special in December where they highlighted his footwork improvements. Reference every quote from Elway to Mariucci to Brady and Belichick and the Pat's QB coach, etc
Devil's Advocate says...

1. Neither did Cam Newton or any other rookie QB.

2. Fair. But he's been working on his throwing mechanics since before the NFL draft. It's fair to be concerned that he's just not going to suddenly get it.

3. Sounds good. But do we know that Elway is a natural teacher or a coach? Tebow's had some pretty good football people work with him over the last few years, right?

4. Probably the strongest of your points. The trick will be his abilities getting to the point where they can work in the system.

5. I'm sure he has a great work ethic. So does most every top tier player in the NFL. You don't succeed at this level without working your ass off.

6. He's improved. But there was also a video out (which I can't seem to find now) that showed how during games he was reverting back to his bad habits. And for every guy making positive comments there's a guy making not as positive comments. You really can't believe what you hear from either side.

So we're right back where we started. You're optimistic. I'm have a little more doubt.
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