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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post


...Are you kidding me?

That's to play backup you buffoon! Ya know, since Tim is the only QB under contract as we head into the off-season. A BIG ATHLETE WHO CAN THROW THE BALL FROM THE POCKET... who does that sound like?

Gasp... like they're trying to find another Tebow to fit a system that's going to be customized around Tebow!

Seriously, you might even be dumber than Spider and oubronco!

Well it doesn't sound like Tebow...other than he's a big guy...problem is he can't throw the ball from the pocket very well....which is why elway said he's looking for one that can. Key word dude..."looking"...not "we already have"

BTW Weber is signed to a futures contract douche...meaning he too will be in camp as well next season.
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