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Reading you praise the virtues of Tebow is hardly enlightening....your boy struggles to complete passes that many lesser talents can complete...hopefully he will correct his issues in that area.

and we don't treat him differently, we do however call you out when you say stupid **** like Manning wouldn't improve this team, or that Tebow is a good passer. And if he was a good passer, why would we need him to improve his passing then? ...i don't care about other young QB's on other teams...If Cam Newton sucks if andy Dalton sucks...what do i care...they don't play for my team. Tebow on the other hand does. so he's under our microscope...just like every other Broncos QB before him was....even Elway, until he proved he was potentially headed to hall of fame in his third year

again. I win. I never said manning wouldnt improve this team fag. I said he would be crippled behind walton.

how many times have I proven you wrong now? jeez. can someone challenge me at least!?!?
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