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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by errand View Post
show me where I said he was a bust douche?

Never said he can't do it...just wondering if he can do it. But that equals hatred in your warped mind
Here it is lmfao

Originally Posted by errand View Post
Are you serious?

$20 mil for a QB of Manning's ability if healthy is peanuts for a potential Lombardi. the Colt's paid him that much and he didn't play a down at all...and everyone saw how much he means to the success of the Colt's by garnering MVP support despite missing the entire year

We got to AFC divisional round with a QB that throws a football worse than my daughter far do you think we'd have gone had we a franchise type of QB like Manning?

Face're not keen to signing Manning not because it's costly...but cuz it'd mean your hero wouldn't be starting.
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