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This started out to me as sort of a funny story, but there are some little interesting nuggets outlined in it:|FRONTPAGE

Pigs on police cars? Prank by Vermont inmates adorns decals

State out $780

While some people might find humor in the news story, Sheets and Pallito said, it comes at the expense of Vermont taxpayers.

Pallito said each decal costs $13. He believes 60 defective decals were manufactured.

The $780 printing job will come out of the small profits Prison Industries receives while making license plates, stationery for state offices and wood products for state offices and schools, Pallito said.

He said inmates in the prison industries division who want new computers and better tools to do their jobs will have to wait longer while the state police are reimbursed.

He said it is possible the inmate is no longer in custody. If he is, he could face internal discipline for misuse of state property.

“I don’t know if there is a criminal charge,” Pallito said.

Attempts to reach Gov. Peter Shumlin for comment were unsuccessful.

“This is not as offensive as it would have been years ago. We can see the humor,” said Public Safety Commissioner Keith Flynn, a former state trooper and state prosecutor who was named commissioner a year ago. “If the person had used some of that creativeness, he or she would not have ended up inside.”
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