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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
How about that, the Quinn talk was all a smokescreen? Interesting.

But to be clear, I wasn't talking about whether it was acknowledged he played poorly, nor was I talking about prepping Quinn, or even that Tebow might be benched. What I was talking about was fan sentiment toward the guy and how it contrasted with the attitude toward Cutler.

Can you imagine how Cutler would have been savaged had he played that badly, if there was talk of benching him? I can't even imagine ... pitchforks and torches, storm the ramparts, wailing and howling "Bust! We wasted a first-round pick!" But with this guy there seems no anger, no frustration or animus. None toward him anyway.
Umm, he is getting that reaction still. Are you not reading the threads? Again, who are you talking about? Your little office? You just described the exact reaction that the forums and media had.

I can give a lot of examples of the following:

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
I hate losing which is why I'm done with the Tebow experiment. He failed miserably the last two weeks. He came up really small on Sunday and got outplayed by Kyle Orton. Winning 7 of 8 got a lot of people thinking that Tebow played well but the reality is he never really played all that well other than some bursts here and there. That's not going to get it done in the NFL. You need your QB to be consistently good. I don't see any evidence that Tebow can be that guy. I was rooting for the kid too but reality has set in. You keep clinging to the mirage.
This was after we knew he had just taken the 1-4 team to a division win.

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