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Originally Posted by jhns View Post
You do realize even a lot of the media was claiming he was going to get benched for Quinn, right?
Nobody credible reported there was any chance he'd be benched that week, though there was talk he might be yanked mid-game if he played poorly. jhns, if you want to marginalize/belittle somebody you disagree with, and you have a round or two in your belt, don't overplay it. Nobody with credibility reported he would be not start against the Steelers.

Originally Posted by jhns
This forum blew up with many claiming Tebow was finished. What, you found one forum that didn't care and feel this makes us wrong?
You do realize forums are not the the only place where Tebow and the Broncos are discussed, don't you? Besides, I'd never go to another forum. But arrrggghhh, why are we even talking about all this?!? You Tebow people, just face facts:
1: Tebow's quarterbacking skills are sub-par by NFL standards
2: Tebow's intangibles are through the roof
3: It remains to be seen whether:
. . . a) he can develop into an adequate passer, or in the alternative,
. . . b) whether this unique offense we're running can be effective over the long haul.
There, that wasn't so hard (oh and 4: Don't compare Tebow to Newton, it makes you look silly).

Originally Posted by jhns
Where exactly were you that week? Cuba?
How DARE you accuse me! As any law-abiding patriot knows, the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act is stalled in congressional committee. Until it moves through BOTH houses, and is signed into law by PRESIDENT Barack Obama, all of Cuba (save Guantanemo Naval Base) is off limits to any and every self-respecting, law-abiding, flag-waving American. Of which I am one!

You've got some nerve.

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