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The amnesia/excuse abuse for that game, it's fine I suppose, so be it. But I'm puzzled by the contrast between Tebow treatment and Cutler treatment. A Cutler game in 2008 in a VERY similar situation - Week 16 or 17 - at home - against the lowly Bills - with the division and playoffs on the line. Jay threw for a ton of yards and we were ahead, but the defense gave up a couple late 4th quarter TDs and we lost. People SAVAGED poor Jaybee cause he didn't march right down the field Elway-style and save the day. I mean people DAMNED and CURSED poor Jay-bee. Weird.
Because that was the last memory of that season. If the Raiders had beaten the Chargers I'm certain Tebow would still being slaughtered for that performance.

But Tebow had a chance to redeem himself the week after, he did that and more...
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