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Originally Posted by jhns View Post
No one forgot that performance. Smart people just realize young players have bad days. Newton did the same against very basic pro bowl defenses.
That was more than a "bad day." I just edited my post to add the reality it may have been the worst performance by a starting quarterback in franchise history. 6-22 and 50 yards - 3 total points - in a huge game - at home - against a bad team. AND in a game where both the defense and ground game came through solid.

The amnesia/excuse abuse for that game, it's fine I suppose, so be it. But I'm puzzled by the contrast between Tebow treatment and Cutler treatment. A Cutler game in 2008 in a VERY similar situation - Week 16 or 17 - at home - against the lowly Bills - with the division and playoffs on the line. Jay threw for a ton of yards and we were ahead, but the defense gave up a couple late 4th quarter TDs and we lost. People SAVAGED poor Jaybee cause he didn't march right down the field Elway-style and save the day. I mean people DAMNED and CURSED poor Jay-bee. Weird.
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