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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
This whole thread cares ... the argument (such as it is) centers on their collegiate performances, and which guy was helped more by his supporting cast.

Dumb duuumb argument ... supporting casts are completely irrelevant. NFL scouts know QB talent when they see it. Ryan Fitzpatrick is from Harvard, John Skelton from Fordham, Cutler from Vanderbilt, Tarvaris from I don't even know ... Kurt Warner was from nowhere and Flacco was a Blue freaking Hen fervevvinsake.

And yeeeeeees Dedhed, Cam watched Tim in the playoffs. Why? Saints >>> Raiders, Falcons >>> Chargers.

Tebow's win streak was a thrill ride, but he shat the bed in the finale against the chefs. Just 3 points on 6/22 for 50 yards - at home - against a bad team - with the division and playoffs on the line ... that's a train wreck. Of course, the faithful among us know that loss was a lesson in humilty for Tim ... to shake Kyle Orton's hand in shame after such a horrific performance. But then (of course), thirty minutes later, the clouds parted and our Saviour smiled yet again upon him. And magically everyone forgot all about 6-22.
NFL scouts know QBs, which is why Leaf was a top pick and Brady went in the sixth. So, again, who cares what their pre draft grades were?

No one forgot that performance. Smart people just realize young players have bad days. Newton did the same against very basic pro bowl defenses.
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