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Coppola cashed in, no doubt. But I didn't see a betrayal of Pacino's character. The movie was probably unnecessary, since his wife was gone, and there is only one wife, his son hated him, his wife aborted what would have been his second son, which is a mortal sin in corleone terms, and he killed his only living brother for betrying him.

They took an entire third movie to tell us Michael ended badly.
Nah, just can't see it. At one point Michael talks about how he always just wanted to step the family above the crime and violence and become a legitimate business family, but he couldn't because the more he 'stepped up' or whatever, the more he realized things in business were even more crooked than where he came from.

One... the dude finished the 2nd movie murdering the brother he 'loved' in pretty cold-blooded fashion. Not sure how corporate-style corruption could get much crookeder than that.

And two, more importantly, Michael whining and b****ing about it considering the amount of blood on his hands completely changes the man's character from the first two films. Michael didn't b**** about problems. He dealt with them.
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