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All those are true, but cam was also more polished as well. That is why I never understand people arguments here.

Cam was better, was ranked higher, etc etc etc. Yeah, so what. He was polished and expected to do that. That is why he was an unquestioned top 10 pick...

Tebow- NO ONE- repeat NO ONE on EARTH thought tebow was polished and ready to be a top 10 pick. NO ONE expected tebow to come in right away and be good. TIM TEBOW IS THE BIGGEST PROJECT PLAYER IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL!

Yet for some reason, people seem to forget that, I do not know why, and just move straight on to the Cam was ranked higher, and played better.

Well, DUH!

Its like saying my F14 Tomcat is going to out fly and maneuver your prototype plane. Of course it is. One is ready for action right away, there was never questions about it. The other not so much, but nonetheless was thrown into action anyway. It is such a dumb and silly argument.
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