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I didn't think part iii sucked. Casting Sophia wa .... a bad move. But it closed the deal. Michael couldn't give up power without doing one more deal, and it cost him his last chance to reconcile with Kate and his son, and got his daughter killed. And remember Kay had had an abortion that ended her pregnancy with what would have been Michael's second son.

It was slow. And the action almost got in the way of watching Pacino destroy his character.
The problem is the movie itself was a betrayal of Michael's character. It's like it was trying to meld the Godfather universe with the popularity of later movies like Wall Street... drawing political equivalences between Mobsters and Executives.

As far as the character goes, it's hard to visualize how Michael goes from the guy at the end of Godfather II to a hobnobbing high-society type, with no credible bridge built in between. It seems like they built it all up to tear it down in the name of teaching a moral lesson, ala Wall Street.

But Godfathers I and II were windows into a dark world. Part 3 was a condescending tack-on that tried to moralize the whole thing after the fact.
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