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Originally Posted by Miss I. View Post
Oh my gawd, I don't like Tarantino much either. I always thought he was overrated. The only one I will watch more than once strangely is Reservoir Dogs. I walked out the first time from the theater because I was horrified at one point, but eventually saw it all the way through and it is one of the few I think that embodies the spirit of the 50s pulp novels and noir that he "borrows" from so heavily. Then he just gets so full of himself I want to punch him. Also he cannot act and must stop appearing in films, unless it is just so I can watch him die, like Paris Hilton.
I thought Tarantino was overrated until I saw Death Proof and Inglourious Basterds, both of which I thought were awesome... especially the latter. The man has a way with dialogue. He knows what makes cinema awesome.

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