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Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
Yes.. because he played with Tebow who could run between the tackles as a QB you jackwagon.. same reason McGahee looked so great this year next to him.

How did Florida's runners fare against Alabama?

Where did those guys go in the draft compared to Florida's receivers..

Both Rainey and Demps were under sized SEC runners one of them was not taken by FSU and was bitter about it...

And yet you claim Florida is supposed to be a run first team.. yet they don't have SEC caliber between the tackles runners?
Harvin went in the first round….I can't think of any Florida WR's that faired any better. Demps and Rainey are still playing as are most of those players…

It is a fact that Florida was a run first team…they ran anywhere from 58-62% of the time…even more depending on the year.
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