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Originally Posted by Missouribronc View Post
Wow. It's just unbelievable the excuses people make for this guy.

He's genuinely a good guy, and I hate saying negative things about him, but it's just so ridiculous...
Agree. I like the kid and love what he stands for. Im not a hater of Tebow at all. Doesnt help that he is a Bronco but im not like most fans and yes i even mean fans in here who hate Rivers because he is good, refuse to believe he is a good guy and he is a Charger but Tebow is a good kid, a good human being and many great college QB's dont succeed in the NFL. Florida has had their share of good QB's that havent Danny Weurful, Chris Leak, Grossman...though Grossman is still around.

I remember Ken Dorsey of Miami(FL) never lost a game from high school on up thru college and was a 7th round pick and didnt do anything in the NFL.

Tebow for all his ability as a runner and he actually was a good passer in college but its a different game in the NFL and he isnt a very good passer in it. No doubt i think he will improve because he has been for the most part, pretty bad but the way he plays and the way they use him, he may not make it long. He'll be too beat up.

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