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Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
So why didn't Florida have any decent runners? They got castoffs from other programs.

Why do you think so many of Florida's receivers were top picks and not their runners?

Because quality runners who are NFL prospects don't want to play in Florida's offense. They want to play in a pro style offense.

This is why Tebow was so torn choosing between Florida and Alabama.. he wanted to learn a pro style offense.. to be a conventional QB. If he had gone to Alabama he probably would have blown up later in his college career or in the NFL and no one would be doubting his passing ability so much..

Florida also did not have a very good Oline.. did yous ee how Brantley got beat to heck with Florida's oline?

The deep passing OPENED Florida's run option offense.. just like this season Fox had Tebow passing deep constantly because that allowed McGahee and Tebow to run.
Percy Harvin averaged nearly 10 yards per carry his entire college career….I'd say that is decent enough…
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