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Jordan Taylor

Originally Posted by oubronco View Post
Newton is completely overrated huh? At this point he's head and shoulders above your boy Tebow so what does that make Tebow? The most completely overrated QB?
You're obviously not up to speed on this. No less an authority than AgaBlameJohn has explained over and over and over again how Tebow is better than Cam Newton. The problem is the system ... Newton is in the perfect system for his skills, while Tebow is getting screwed by Bowlen-Ellis-Elway-Fox-McCoy and their system (and presumably WAS getting screwed by Josh McDaniels and his system, though AgaBlameJohn doesn't go into detail on that aspect).

Tebow's one and only problem - the ONLY thing standing between he and Cam Newton - is the system he plays in, and the Tebow haters - Elway and Fox.

NOW do you get it?
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