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Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
Then why did Fox switch Qbs and won far more withy Tebow"

It's because when Orton was QB the run game was terrible.. Orton is a dink and dunk passer.. that kills the run game. Tebow made the run game great which opened the deep passing game. Hence the low completion percentage with better results.
BS....Drew Brees completed over 150 of his passes to his RB's and their run game is just fine. So was ours and Rivers completed 126 of his passes to our RB's. We could go down the list of many teams here. You dont know what your talking about.

Tebow's deep passing ability opened the riun game more than Orton.. just the THREAT of Tebow's superior deep passing is more valuable than completion percentage.
Im sorry, ...Tebows what ability did you say here? Your kidding right?

You are looking just at surface numbers... you don't understand football. Tebow made the riun game so good.. running is what wins football games..
Clearly you are the one who dont understand football.

WTF? Tebow played far more games..
As i noted

Tebow made the Broncos the best running team in the NFL overnight.. not just because of his running ability but because of his deep passing ability as well. The simplistic offesne the Broncos ran caused him those turnovers later.. and the fact he had to carry the offense so much. This offense was designed to complement the D too.. Orton's was not.. Orton would have been killed playing the way Tebow did..
More BS. Tebow had 660 rushing yards, Take that away and your still #11 in the NFL. Thats the upper half of the league in case you were confused.
Though his rushing made you #1, you act like you had no run game at all. McGahee had 1200 yards himself. Lance Ball had over 400 and Knowburst even had 179 for a 4.8 ave.
Sorry to tell you, nobody is fearing Tebows deep ball ability.

Tebow's passer rating was better than Sam Bradford's.. also doesn't factor in style of play or Tebow's dominant running.. and impact on run game and D...
So? Bradford was hurt a lot this year and has a horrible OL. You trying to tell me Tebow is a better QB than Bradford? You can get they dont want Tebow running that much as he has been. At some point they are going to want him to look to pass first. Thing is he cant throw very well and he is the best option you have right now. The kid wont last 5 seasons playing this way every year.

Elway will bring in compitition in camp next year and if he brings in some decent compition, Tebow may get beat out. Its a passing league now with the rules the way they are. Running the ball is great and you have to do it but when your behind and have to throw, he hasnt shown he can do it very well. Buffalo, KC, Detroit, NE, ...yeah he won some games late but mostly with his legs.
Someone said look at his yards per was 6.38 for the year. Not very good. He is a tad below Sanchez who is getting ripped for not being a very good QB and his stats are far better than Tebows as a passer. Sure this season he had 18 INT's but he threw the ball 543 times to Tebows 271. He also had 26 TD's.
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