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Fox threw plenty with Orton...because he could.
Then why did Fox switch Qbs and won far more withy Tebow"

It's because when Orton was QB the run game was terrible.. Orton is a dink and dunk passer.. that kills the run game. Tebow made the run game great which opened the deep passing game. Hence the low completion percentage with better results.

Tebow's deep passing ability opened the riun game more than Orton.. just the THREAT of Tebow's superior deep passing is more valuable than completion percentage.

You led the league in rushing.....stop saying your offense isnt any good and if it isnt, it is because of the QB!!!!
You are looking just at surface numbers... you don't understand football. Tebow made the riun game so good.. running is what wins football games..

Orton had 9 turnovers with you and Tebow had 12.
WTF? Tebow played far more games..

Tebow fumbled 13 times total (6 lost) with his 6 INT's. Orton threw 155 times in his 4 games...Tebow only threw 271 in 11 games.
Tebow made the Broncos the best running team in the NFL overnight.. not just because of his running ability but because of his deep passing ability as well. The simplistic offesne the Broncos ran caused him those turnovers later.. and the fact he had to carry the offense so much. This offense was designed to complement the D too.. Orton's was not.. Orton would have been killed playing the way Tebow did..

As for his paser rating...part of it only being only 72 is because of his completion%
Tebow's passer rating was better than Sam Bradford's.. also doesn't factor in style of play or Tebow's dominant running.. and impact on run game and D...
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