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Originally Posted by Jay3 View Post
I don't get that -- he had over a 100 passer rating four times this season ( out of 12 games). Over passer rating of 90 7 times (out of 12 games).

I thought the Minnesota game really stood out as one where he put it all together, and presumably Pittsburgh was the "one" you had in mind.

I mean, really -- I've been watching NFL for 30+ years, and I've never seen a guy come out of the gate without looking bad in a lot of games at first. I was following Matt Stafford his first year starting, and he hit a passer rating of 100 only once. Completed 53.3% of his passes, which is higher than Tebow's, but that offense generated more easy completions.

Tebow's completion percentage is a little bit deceptively low because this offense generates very few "cheapies" and he had an above average number of drops. I think it was more like a 52% type of season, which is not all that bad considering.

Im talking this year. He had over 100 three times and one of them he was 2-8 with a TD pass for a 102 rating.
His last two games he had a 37 and a 20 rating.
Tebow would hit those cheapies if he wouldnt under throw an easy swing pass and he throws behind his recievers often. Its his own fault, he isnt very accurate isd all. Every QB has those cheapie completions, he just is missing them.

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