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Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
You are only looking at one stat.. completion percentage.. and ignoring yard per attempt and turnovers...

As well as talent on the offenses...

Not to mention that Fox is trying to play a complementary style that focus es on the run game.. complete opposite of what the Panthers were doing.

Why is it so hard for people to understand completion percentage is only one small part of stats?

If Tebow was as bad as his completion percentage appears then his passer rating would be much lower..
Fox threw plenty with Orton...because he could. You led the league in rushing.....stop saying your offense isnt any good and if it isnt, it is because of the QB!!!!
Orton had 9 turnovers with you and Tebow had 12. Tebow fumbled 13 times total (6 lost) with his 6 INT's. Orton threw 155 times in his 4 games...Tebow only threw 271 in 11 games.

As for his paser rating...part of it only being only 72 is because of his completion%
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