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Now Tebow on the other hand hasnt had good passing stats in but one game.
I don't get that -- he had over a 100 passer rating four times this season ( out of 12 games). Over passer rating of 90 7 times (out of 12 games).

I thought the Minnesota game really stood out as one where he put it all together, and presumably Pittsburgh was the "one" you had in mind.

I mean, really -- I've been watching NFL for 30+ years, and I've never seen a guy come out of the gate without looking bad in a lot of games at first. I was following Matt Stafford his first year starting, and he hit a passer rating of 100 only once. Completed 53.3% of his passes, which is higher than Tebow's, but that offense generated more easy completions.

Tebow's completion percentage is a little bit deceptively low because this offense generates very few "cheapies" and he had an above average number of drops. I think it was more like a 52% type of season, which is not all that bad considering.
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