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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
You are a complete half wit. I think at least half of the GMs in the league would take Tebow over Newton. How does that not support my argument.

You'll now make a completely subjective statement and hold it as evidence that my opinion doesn't make sense because your completely subjective opinion is different.

That's why your question doesn't deserve answering, because it's a stupid circular argument.

The value is that playoff success is a pretty good measure of progress, and Alex Smith was better on the only day that mattered.
Id bet NONE would...including your own. Only a Bronco fan would say something like this. Why on earth would any GM take Tebow of Newton who is a good runner himself, can throw the ball 10 times better, ha a better arm and is bigger and faster?

Why? Please explain. Im guessing all you got is "he has a winning record" while Newtons defense was 28th in the league.
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