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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
Tebow beat Phillys in your house, and Rivers has a far better supporting cast.

Our defense was handicapped by Orton's 9 TOs in 4.5 games. Not that difficult to figure out genius.
He does when half the OL isnt all on IR. I keep seeing here how your OL isnt very good according to many posters in here yet you led the league in rushing and it is certainly better than ours. Our defense had a QB who threw INT's and fumbled too and fumbled a snap to loose a game for us. We still went 8-8 and only Marion Barber not going out of bounds kept us out of the playoffs.
The genius is how some of you think Tebow is actually a good QB. Elway just said in an interview that he si bringing in competition for Tebow in TC and he may not even win the
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