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Well, in 97 4 starters completed 60% and one was on the worst team in the league.

But in 2011, all playoff starters completed over 60% but for Flacco, Dalton and Tebow, and alex smith who competed 56%. If a'R qb can't complete 60% in today's NFL he's a liability
See, you're following the 'Favre is better than Elway' argument I had pretty much verbatim. Look at that page you posted and compare Favre to Elway. I said looking at completion percentage and not Y/A is bull****. Completion percentage is worthless if you're comparing QB's in fundamentally different systems. Traditional West Coast offenses will yield high completion percentages.

Run first then heave when you get desperate will give you low completion percentages. There's a reason that when Tim breaks 300 yards, he's setting yards per completion records. He's routinely throwing much deeper than most QB's

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