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Originally Posted by fixedMind View Post
If that is Mellisandre in the first shot with Stannis, which it probably is, than once again they are changing the appearance of an important character. I may be a bit of a stickler for this type of thing(why weren't the wights hands black?), but Mellisandre is supposed to have red eyes damnit. Is it really that difficult to change eye color with cg or contacts? Sure, contacts may be uncomfortable and cg expensive, but isnt it a relatively small price(figuratively) to pay in order to include aspects of the novels that really add flavor to a character? Again, I know I'm over reacting, maybe when the show actually starts it'll turn out that her eyes only glow red when she is communing with r'hllor or something.
It's pretty shadowed so I think you might be overreacting...
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