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Is it possible that he doesn't know Cam went to Jr College AFTER leaving/being told to get out of Fla?
You guys are really clueless... it's incredible the fantasy world that has grown aground Cam... it's really inexplicable.. WTF has Cam ever done? He had one completely fluke overblown season on a loaded team ideally built for a run first QB,... then he had another completely overblown season that was a virtual carbon copy of Orton's season last year.. and people are still deluding their self..

It reminds me of this Matt Flynn madness based on selective memory..

The former five-star recruit entered the 2008 season battling for the backup job with redshirt freshman John Brantley, who now appears to be the future of Florida once Tim Tebow leaves. Newton, an undeniably talented athlete, will end his Gators career with 113 rushing yards along with 6-of-12 passing for 54 yards.

Cecil said he never found closure from Florida Coach Urban Meyer about his sonís future as a Gator once Mullen left, though he understands the Gators have priorities while fighting for a national title.

"Was he No. 2 or No. 3? We never really did define that," Cecil said about Camís status in the lineup. "And the verdict is out on whether Tim will stay or go this season."
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