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Originally Posted by StugotsIII View Post
I could fill a library with what you don't know about football...

Newton was Tebow's backup, that is a fact.

Newton left because he was not welcome back...after cheating on numerous tests and stealing an expensive laptop and lying about it to police.

But hey, keep telling yourself he was beaten out...

PS. It's funny you get your information from a guy that accepted money for his son's services in college....he must be telling the truth...right?
WTF would Cam's dad lie to say his son couldn't beat out some scrub white boy in Florida's offense?

You are completely delusional here.. where is the logic in that? Everyone knew all the trouble he was in.. there was absolutely no reason to say he couldn't beat out some scrub behind Tebow so he could go to junior college..

This is why when Cam went o Auburn he wasn't even the starter there going in.. and there was NO expectation about what he would do there that season.
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