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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
The **** you can.

Matt Cassel doubled Tim's completion % in a loss.

Carson Palmer 10% higher in a ROUTE.

Matt Moore and Mark Sanchez 50% (respectively) more in a loss.

Drew Brees went over 60% while Alex Smith barely crested 50.

This is quite simply the most myopic string of posts I've ever seen from you. It's disappointing.
Matt Cassel did not double his %. He completed half of his passes. Flacco completed 75% of his passes that day. Guy with the higher comp% won

Sanchez completed 80% of his passes, Palmer was at 50% of his passes. Again the guy with the higher comp % won.

Matt Moore has never made the playoffs man.

Brees did did have a higher comp % then Smith and lost.

I stand by my point that odds are the guy with the higher comp % wins in the playoffs more often then not.
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