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Will Parks

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
So you can't give an opinion? We don't do that here? And why doesn't it "deserve answering"? Because the most likely answer wouldn't support your argument
You are a complete half wit. I think at least half of the GMs in the league would take Tebow over Newton. How does that not support my argument.

You'll now make a completely subjective statement and hold it as evidence that my opinion doesn't make sense because your completely subjective opinion is different.

That's why your question doesn't deserve answering, because it's a stupid circular argument.

I don't see where you directly asked me a question. But the answer is rhetorical. So unlike my question, to which an opinion can be formed and presented, there is no reason to answer yours.

And what's the value? Is Alex Smith better than Drew Brees because the Niners beat the Saints?
The value is that playoff success is a pretty good measure of progress, and Alex Smith was better on the only day that mattered.
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