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Absolutely, I think the sky's the limit for Cam in the NFL. I think I'd rather him than Andrew Luck.

But I don't understand why it's so hard to conclude he had a lousy game yesterday.

Maybe it's because, if you allow for a minute that a quarterback with a bright future can have horrible stats in a losing game, then maybe Tebow's last postseason game doesn't mean he can't play at this level, either.

Maybe, just maybe, Cam stepped into a good situation offensively, one that was geared to help him succeed, and he made the most of it. Because in an environment yesterday where it was more vanilla NFL, he crapped the bed.
Said it before. Will say it again. Go watch some Cam highlights. 75% consist of guys getting WIDE open in 3-4 wide sets, or stud receiver (aka Steve Smith) making a spectacular grab in traffic.

No reason to think Tebow wouldn't be similarly successful in that same kind of set up. It's where he and Cam excel. And there's no reason to believe that Cam would have anything resembling his passing numbers running 2WR sets with linemen constantly checking in to play TE.
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