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Originally Posted by jhns View Post
This team was 1-4 without Tebow this year. They were 4-14 over the last two years. Tebow starts, we win the division and a playoff game.

Dolt fan conclusion: Tebow is the only thing holding this team back.

Orton beat your team this year. Tebow scored 3 points and was awful. Your defense was ranked near last when Orton was the QB.

You gave up over 500 yards to GB, over 400 to Cincinatti and 332 of that to Dalton in his 2nd start. In the loss to Oakland, Orton didnt lose that game. You couldnt run the ball with Knowburst and you fumbled 4 times losing two and Orton went for over 300 while Oakland ran for 200. Then we had almost 500 yards. Then you beat an 0-5 Miami team and then got killed by Detroit giving up nearly 400 yards while Tebow had 4 turnovers. Then your defense went on a good streak.

You scored 209 pts with Tebow as the starting QB and 14 of those came from a defensive TD and a punt return for a 17 point ave for the offense and you got a gift from Marion Barber to win a game where you scored 13 points when they had Caleb Haney at QB. should be glad Elway sees it for what it is because your fanbase does not. As i said, im glad he is going to be the #1 QB going into TC. I mean who else you got? Quinn?
Tebowmania is funny in here. When he plays awful and wins, he is a great player, when he plays awful and you lose because your defense didnt play well, Tebow stinks...

To say he is better than Newton is ridiculous and again...i doubt any body would take Tebow over him if givin the choice. Newton is going to be far and away a better QB .....hec he already is.

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