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Killed? Really? Cam Newton is a pretty good runner himself. He just dont run as much as Tebow because he can actually throw. Newton is 248 lbs...which is more than Tebow weighs. The guy who is going to get killed the way they play is Tebow. He didnt even play in 16 games this year and after the last game, they said he was pretty banged up.

Take off the rose colored glasses!!
Newton runs it about as much as Tebow, in an offense that is not nearly as run-oriented. The Broncos should use Tebow's running ability more like the Panthers use Newton's.

Newton didn't look good yesterday. I don't know why that has to be such a hard truth to swallow. If Tebow threw 9-27 with 3 interceptions in a loss, I would say he did not play well.

And it was against pro bowl defense.
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