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Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
Tebow had the Panthers coach who Steve Smith said made their offense so terrible.. The Panthers had a good O and Broncos had a good D.. Cam would have been far more screwed than Tebow in the Broncos offense. Tebow was better running the ball than Cam even with far worse offense around him. Tebow won more games than Cam with fewer attempts to get those wins.. Tebow's run game is what made the Broncos d look so good as well.
Who cares! Cam is already a much better QB as a rookie starting out of the gate and will be a good NFL QB in time. Tebow cant even get Elways vote of confidence after his 2nd season.

Tougher division? Did you see the crap QBs and teams Cam faced? His first win was against Blaine Gabbert in his first start in the rain...
Sure did...Drew Brees twice, Matt Ryan twice, Aaron Rodgers, Cutler, Matt Hasselbeck, Matt Stafford....thats 8 games with some pretty good QB's right there.

And Orton looked better on KC than he did on the Broncos.. so what does that tell you? Either Fox is a terrible coach or the Cheifs are a better team. Kyle also had all the inside info on the rookie Tebow and the Broncos schemes.. just like the Pats who also beat the Tebow with McD..
Orton was a part of your team this year. Im not buying the inside info excuse. Fan speak for "it wasnt Tebows fault". He was awful in that game and finished the year completing under 50% of his passes.
How can you make excuses for the number one pick getting outplayed by Tebow with a team that was just as bad and a worse coach?
Newton was outplayed by Tebow? I dont think so. Pretty sure nobody would take Tebow over Newton if givin the choice.

Put Tebow or Orton on the Panthers they would have pit[played him.. any Qbs would have.. yes Cam put up a lot of numbers.. well not in preseason he didn't.. he was god awful. But with his numbers he also put up a ton of turnovers.. just like in today's game. Why is it people just ignore all those turnovers? I guess because Cam looks pretty doing it.. just like Orton..
Nobody cares about preseason. Newton was a rookie. He had a damn good rookie season so yea he had a lot of turnovers but that isnt unexpected as a rookie. News flash..they usually struggle.

The rules DO make it easier for QB's these days and Tebow again couldnt complete 50% of his passes in a league that had two QB's break a 25 year old yardage record and a 3rd came close.

Cam would have gotten KILLED behind the Broncos line.. look at the Panthers line.. I watched them all season.. they were unbelievable.. Panthers coach said the same thing.. He had the same thing in college.. best Oline in all of college football. Totally dominant.. great run game too both places..
Killed? Really? Cam Newton is a pretty good runner himself. He just dont run as much as Tebow because he can actually throw. Newton is 248 lbs...which is more than Tebow weighs. The guy who is going to get killed the way they play is Tebow. He didnt even play in 16 games this year and after the last game, they said he was pretty banged up.

Take off the rose colored glasses!!

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