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A whole year since the last post? Seriously? Has no one read anything good in the last year?

Recent reads:
"The Hunger Games," "Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay" by Suzanne Collins
These were recommended by a friend at work and are the best "kids books" (yeah, right, teenage kids battling to the death) since Harry Potter.

All five of the "Underland Chronicles," also by Suzanne Collins.
After ripping through the "Hunger Games" books I simply had to read these as well. Not as good, but still fun reads.

All seven of James Alan Gardner's "League of Peoples" series (re-read).
A sci-fi series where humanity is not the central species. While not entirely novel, it's still refreshing when an author can put humans in the back seat (back end of the bus in this case) of the power structure of the far-future inter-stellar community.

Currently reading:
The "Chanur" series by C.J. Cherryh (pronounced cherry).
Another far-future sci-fi where humans aren't the top of the pyramid. This author hasn't even let them on the bus for these books (though she does in other books/series). Cherryh is also one of a very few authors who can do sci-fi and fantasy very, very well.

Not sure, though I'm sure it will be something! My "to read" list has gotten so freakin' long it's sometimes hard to pick and choose. Maybe I'll just head for the library without my list and see what falls to hand. I've found some of my favorite books that way.

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