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It was the postman's last day before he retired, and a lot of people on his route were giving him gift cards and wishing him well....

One lady on his route asked him to come inside because she had made lunch for him in honor of his last day.... he eats the lunch and then she takes him into the bedroom and fulfilled every sexual desire he had.... she reaches into her purse on the nightstand and hands him a dollar bill.

suddenly the front door opens up and it's her husband saying "honey, I'm home".... the mailman dives under the bed but left his mail bag on top of the bed

that husband notices the mail bag and confront his naked wife...."who's up here with you?"

the wife says "the mail man....i told you it was his last day"

Husband says "So....?"

the wife says "well, you said **** him...give him a dollar. Lunch was my idea"
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